Valley View – Ranikhet Homestay

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  • Type : Mountain Bunglow
  • Uttarakhand / Ranikhet stay
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Email: Ph: +91 9412093826

Valley View Homestay is on National Highway (NH) 87-E, between Ranikhet and Almora. It is located near Majkhali, about 6 km from Ranikhet Golf Course and 12 km from Ranikhet Market. All rooms in this Ranikhet Homestay’are easily accessible and have a beautiful view of wide spread of snow peaks and the picturesque Gagas River Valley, where lights of numerous villages twinkle alluringly at night. The Himalayas rise above ridgelines with thick forests of pine and deodar trees. The snow peaks and valley are visible from every bedroom.

Adjoining this Ranikhet Homestay’ is ‘The Café’. It is a quaint little place with a gorgeous view. It is the ideal place to savour delicious, home baked cakes, pies, muffins and Café Special Meal Platters. Besides the delicious eatables, internet facilities are also available. Wireless broadband internet connectivity, satellite dish TV and STD telephone connections are available at this Ranikhet homestay.

There are 5 rooms with services of lounge & kitchenette and the tariff ranges from Rs.2500 to Rs.5000/- for one bedroom per night. This is inclusive of complimentary breakfast.

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  • Rooms 5 rooms

    All 5 rooms are well furnished.

  • Food Indian and Continental cuisine

    Breakfast (complimentary) could either be continental or Indian. Fresh, local produce, natural ingredients and vivid regional cooking styles make Valley View Homestay a smart choice for any of your meals. Their kitchen never closes, and so, you can eat on your schedule or on a whim. Meals (Lunch and Dinner) is available on prior intimation at a nominal cost. A refreshing new all day dining experience; which focusses on international flavors and taste. Valley View Homestay brings the wealth of knowledge from the housewives and their age old tradition in cooking style towards wellness and wholesome food preparation. Comfort food- a ‘no surprises’ food, whether it is fish n chips, curries or Baked macaroni and cheese, the best of all have been included in the menu.

  • Hosts Mrs. Sabrina Singh

    The hostess and owner, Mrs. Sabrina Singh, is very friendly and helpful. She has a lot of knowledge about the sightseeing attractions of the place and can guide as well as assist you with the day tours.

  • Suggested Activity #1 Jhoola Devi Temple

    The Jhoola Devi Temple of Ranikhet is an ancient temple built in the 8th century, situated at 7 km from the town. The main deity of this temple is Goddess Durga and is a believed at this temple, that Jhoola Devi has the powers to fulfil the wishes of all her devotees. The temple houses a cluster of holy bells tied to its walls that are known for granting wishes on being ringed. The clangs of these bells are heard from a very long distance. According to a mythology, this temple was built to seek Durga’s protection for the wild animals in the place. The idol of Goddess Durga is said to have been excavated by a shepherd from a particular spot after being guided so by the goddess herself in his dream. This temple is made on the same spot from where this idol was obtained. A Rama Mandir dedicated to Lord Rama also resides atop this Jhoola Temple, on the Kumaon Hill.

  • span>Suggested Activity #2 Centre (KRC) Museum and War Memorial

    KRC Museum was established in the 1970s, this Regiment Museum showcases the history of Kumaon and Garhwal regiments. It also displays valuable treasures like Rani Jhasi’s silver scepter, Chinese rifles from the 1962 war, a World War-II Japanese wireless field telephone and documents related to the Kargil War. An uphill road takes you to the KRC museum from the Mall. The museum displays memorabilia from the regimental past, the traditional costumes, armours used by the regiments in the past battles and medals won etc. The Kumaon Regiment Widows Welfare association runs a shawl weaving centre here, which is worth a visit.

  • Suggested Activity #3 Corbett National Park

    Corbett National Park boasts of a diverse flora and fauna. The elusive Tiger, now the cynosure of every tourists questing eye, wild Elephants and Leopards are the main attractions, besides other mammal and bird species. One of the few national parks in India with basic lodging facilities in the heart of the jungle at Dhikala – the setting is awesome and the location picturesque. For the wildlife enthusiast there is no alternative but to stay inside the Park at Dhikala Forest Lodge.

  • Suggested Activity #3 Golf Course At Ranikhet

    The Upat Golf course is situated 6 Km from Ranikhet. The 9 hole Golf course is said to be the best managed Golf course in India. Upat Golf course is generally used by army-men, but is also open for general public, on payment of a small amount. It is one of the most challenging courses in the world where one can enjoy the ethereal beauty of the course with the changing seasons. This is currently one of the best maintained courses in the country. Many Golf championships are held on the Upat Golf Course. The winding clear roads of Ranikhet bring you to this beautiful Golf Course spread on both sides of the road with amazing views of the Himalayas. In the vicinity of Trishul Peak & Nanda Devi, it’s probably the most beautiful gift to us by the British. The weather, surroundings and the greens blend so harmoniously in Ranikhet, no doubt the British chose this place as a Golfing Destination.

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