Sinnadorai – Valparai Homestay

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  • Type : Tea Plantation
  • Tamil Nadu / valparai resorts
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Ph: +91 9443077516

Sinna Dorai Bungalow is situated deep within the working Parry Argo tea estate, 7 kms out of Valparai. It is one of the most upmarket and delightful places to stay in the area and sit on a ridge top about 1200m above sea level. Like all tea plantations, the environment around the bungalows is beautiful, like a huge groomed topiary garden, dotted with wispy silver oaks to reduce erosion.

The accommodation complex is a heritage dating back to the 1930’s. The main building used to be the plantation assistant manager’s residence (sinna dorai means “assistant manager”). The complex was falling into disrepair until it was taken over and beautifully renovated. It now has extensive gardens (protected from local wildlife by electric fencing), wrap around terraces, comfortable lounges, library, dining rooms and bedrooms filled with period furniture and colonial artefacts and memorabilia. The original car garages were renovated into a modern conference facility.


This Valaparai homestay has 6 rooms and the tariff starts from Rs. 7500/- onwards per room per night. This is inclusive of all meals.

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  • Rooms 6 rooms

    Rooms are individually named after local British explorers and estate owners. Each room is huge and spacious with comfortable king size bed, open fireplace, and large French windows. All have dressing rooms and large bathrooms, most with an open shower with rain shower head. The annex cottages have large outdoor tiled terraces. Throughout the gardens, there are strategically placed wrought iron park benches for reading, relaxing, or just taking in the magnificent views.

  • Food Local and Indian cuisine

    Meals are a luxurious colonial experience at Sinna Dorai, involving linen tablecloths and fine china. Food is extensive and cooked in the bungalows large kitchens, using locally sourced ingredients. Service is excellent. The dinner is almost a small buffet served at your table. It’s not a ’la carte. The kitchen will ask if you want veg or non-veg, and then you get the selection of home-made foods that they choose and prepare.

  • Hosts Mrs. Sujatha Suresh

    The host, Mrs. Sujatha, manages the whole estate and is very friendly and helpful. She and her staff has thorough knowledge of the place and can guide on sightseeing places. She is always ready to ensure that the guests are made to feel at home.

  • Suggested Activity #1 Aliyar Dam

    Aliyar Dam is a reservoir located 27 km away from Pollachi on the foothills of Valparai in the Anamalai range of the Western Ghats. The dam offers some ideal getaways including a park, an aquarium and a mini theme park maintained by Tamilnadu Fisheries Corporation. It is an ideal picnic spot.

  • Suggested Activity #2 Sholayar Dam

    It is the second deepest dam of Asia. It is situated at a distance of 20 km from Valparai town. It attracts a lot of tourists and is a very beautiful place to visit.

  • Suggested Activity #3 Chinnakallar

    Chinnakallar is a geographically important place. This area has been recorded as having the second highest rainfall in India and is also called the Cherrapunji of South India. Always found wet and misty. A greenish dense forest with tall majestic trees all along the road to Chinnakallar is a pleasure to enjoy. There is a falls in Chinnakallar which sounds like a roaring lion. It is situated at a distance of 15 km from Valparai town.

  • Suggested Activity #4 Grass Hills

    Grass hills is a part of Anamalai Tiger Reserve. It is a beautiful site of high green grasses on a mountain slope, which is a protected area. Visitors have to obtain permission from the wildlife warden to enter the Grass Hills. It is situated at a distance of 15 km from Valparai town. Grass hills is a picturesque spot located in the Valparai hills range, at a height of approximately 2400 ft msl, with cool climate getting cooler at night, a part of Anamalai Tiger Reserve. Right now all efforts are being undertaken by the government to preserve the flora and fauna of this location. Nilgiri Thar is native of this place apart from Elephants, Bison, Indian Gaur, Bear, Nilgiri Langur etc. and a wide variety of birds including Hornbills.

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