Nature’s Nestle – Shimoga Homestay

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E-mail : Ph: +91 8722193655

‘Nature’s Nestle’, Billodi is located on the top of Western Ghats range, east of Ramachandrapura Mutt and west of Thirthahalli in Karnataka. Billodi can be conveniently reached from Thirthahalli or Hosanagara. It is surrounded by thick rubber and araccanut plantations with abundant green. The home stay is just 100 meters from the Thirthahalli – Hosanagara main road. The house is built in traditional “thotti mane” style with large open space to walk around and “Chitte” (covered open space) to relax.

A Home Stay retreat where one can discover the true untouched beauty & splendor of the charming Western Ghats.

They have two attached bedrooms & one room with sharing accommodation for four persons. The tariff ranges from 1300/- to Rs.1500/- per person per night. The tariff includes Morning Coffee / Breakfast/ Evening snacks & tea / Dinner.

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  • Rooms 3 rooms

    Two attached bed rooms & one room with sharing accommodation for four persons. There is a large compound area and terrace for engaging. Attached private clean bathrooms with 24hours hot water is provided.

  • Food Indian and local cuisine

    There is a fixed menu for the day and all meals (Veg & Non-Veg) are served buffet style.

  • Hosts Mr. B G Bhaskar

    The host is always ready to offer assistance to visit the places around.

  • Suggested Activity #1 Agumbe

    Agumbe is the end point of Shimoga district joining Someshwara forest with it is 32 km far from Thirthahalli town. A steeply Ghat section of 14 to 15 curves lead to Udupi district. Agumbe is famous for its sun set point which is brighter during summer. Sunset point constructed few years ago invites hundreds of visitors every day. Relaxing view of greenery to the farthest is the main attraction of the place.

  • Suggested Activity #2 Kodachadri

    Kodachadri is the highest peak of Western Ghats and trekking is fun as well as dangerous as the way is slippery. This peak is located 36 km from Hosanagara on a drive. Due to the huge wind blow there are less trees found on the peak of the hill. It is surrounded with lush greenery which is harbour from many of the wild animals. It is a hot spot for those who love trekking

  • Suggested Activity #3 Nagar Fort

    Nagara fort is located 17 km from Hosanagara town. It is the last capital of Keladi ruler and later was captured by Hydra Ali. The fort has an excellent architecture which has a good water facility. Akka Tangli Kolla are the tank which use to supply water to entire fort.

  • Suggested Activity #4 Jog Falls

    The world famous Jog falls is located 70 km from Hosanagar town. Sharavathi River contributes for the scenic beauty of nature which is truly world class. Water divides into four ways popularly called as Raja, Rani, Roarer, Rocket and falls down with enormous speed and sound which makes the viewer go speechless. Jog dives from 960ft. to form a lake below. One more view point is British Bungalow which is on the top of the Jog falls.

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