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  • Uttarakhand / hotels in Haridwar
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E-mail :,, Ph: +91 1334 232913,+91 9412071870, +91 7895324102

Homestay Haridwar is a facility accredited by Incredible India, Ministry Of Tourism, Govt. Of India. Situated in Shivalik Nagar,a quiet and modern township located in between the old Haridwar city and the newly developed District Headquarters, Homestay Haridwar is just 9 km from the Haridwar railway station and the bus terminus, 44 km from the nearest airport ‘Jolly Grant’, 6 km from the shore of The Ganges river and only 1 km from Pentagon Mall, the biggest shopping mall of the Uttarakhand state.

There are 3 rooms with the price ranging from Rs.1800 to Rs.2200 per night. This is inclusive of complimentary breakfast and local taxes.

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  • Deluxe/Super Deluxe3 rooms

    The three stylishly furnished spacious guest rooms are on the first floor. Each one has independent bathrooms, and open terraces. All rooms are air conditioned and provided with hot blowers for winters. There are two Deluxe Rooms and one Super Deluxe Room. Facility is also there to connect two rooms to function as a Family Room

  • FoodIndian & Continental Vegetarian cuisine

    The day begins with breakfast and comprises vegetarian Indian / continental dishes. Lunch / dinner are prepared based on advance information. The host seeks the choice of the guests in advance and takes pleasure in providing them a rich dining experience. All food is prepared from fresh seasonal ingredients only. Special emphasis is on providing a delicious and wholesome meal. Ingredients containing artificial colors, preservatives, emulsifiers or raising agents are not used. Exotic spices are meticulously chosen and their cooking is aimed at enhancing the original aroma and taste of vegetables without masking them. Food is cooked by the host’s wife, Krishna, herself and guests share it with the family on the dining table, so that they may experience traditional Indian hospitality as well as enjoy animated cross-cultural exchange with the hosts and other guests.

  • Hosts Ashok Sharma

    The host has widely traveled across the globe and is experienced in staying in the best places of the world. The homestay maintains International standards of hygiene and upkeep

  • Suggested Activity #1Har ki Pauri

    Har Ki Pauri is the focal point of Haridwar. It is believed that this most sacred ghat was constructed by Emperor Vikramaditya in memory of his brother King Bhartrihari turned saint, in the 6th century AD. It is also known as Brahma kund which is considered very auspicious because, according to belief, divine nectar fell here, to commemorate which, Kumbh Mela is held every 12 years and Ardh – Kumbh every 6 years. All round the year, thousands of visitors take dip in the holy Ganges river at Har Ki Pauri to redeem themselves from their sins. Prayer of mother Ganges performed every evening, accompanied by thousands of earthen lamps floated by devotees, presents unprecedented spiritual experience to visitors.

  • Suggested Activity #2Maya, Mansa and Chandi Devi Temple

    Maya Devi Temple is an 11th century temple devoted to Goddess Maya Devi, due to which Haridwar was earlier known as Mayapuri. Mansa Devi temple is centuries old temple situated atop 584 ft. high mountain, Bilwa Parvat. The temple is accessible by trekking as well as a 1770 ft. long ropeway. Chandi Devi Temple is one of the most ancient temples of India and is situated atop Neel Parvat, a 682 ft. high mountain. This temple can be approached by trekking or a 2400 ft. long ropeway. Both, Mansa Devi Temple and Chandi Devi Temple, give a beautiful panoramic view of Haridwar city and the valley. The above mentioned ancient temples of three presiding deities of Haridwar form three corners of a triangle with in which the city is located. It is believed that offering prayers in these temples removes all sins and bestows fulfillment of wishes.

  • Suggested Activity #3 Daksheshwar Mahadev Temple

    This historical temple is situated in Kankhal adjacent to Haridwar. The present temple was built in 1819 by Queen Dhankaur and renovated in . he mythological story about this place is that King Daksha Prajapati, the father of Sati, Lord Shiva’s first wife, performed yagya at this place. Daksha Prajapati did not invite Lord Shiva, and Sati felt insulted. Therefore she burnt herself in the yagyakund. Shiva burned with anger, sent the terrible demi-god Vīrabhadra, Bhadrakali and also his ganas. On the direction of Shiva, Virabhadra appeared with Shiva’s ganas in the midst of Daksha’s assembly like a storm wind and waged a fierce war on the gods and mortals present, culminating in the beheading of Daksha.1962

  • Suggested Activity #3Ayurveda

    Haridwar has the distinction of possessing Rishikul Ayurvedic University and many other authentic Ayurvedic treatment centres. Assistance can be provided by the host to guests for availing Ayurvedic treatments like Panchkarma and Shirodhara, etc

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