Fort Rampura – Bundelkhand

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  • Type : Fort homestay
  • Uttar Pradesh / fort stay
Contact :
Email: Ph: 094150 32466


Experience the true-blue feudal and country life of nobility of Bundelkhand through a homestay in a 600 year old fort in the Chambal valley. Enjoy the warm hospitality of the host family in a fort filled with a treasure trove of maps, coins, armour and royal documents.

The tariff for the rooms on double occupancy basis is Rs. 10000/- per night. On single occupancy they charge Rs. 6000/- per night. The rates include room tariffs and all meals and refreshments. Alcoholic beverages are not included. Guests can request an extra bed for Rs.3000/- per night. Children below 10 years are not charged. If guests require a car on hire, they are charged at Rs.1000/- per day and diesel cost.


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  • Rooms4 rooms

    After being in the family for fourteen generations, Raja Samar Singh and his family now offer 4 rooms in Fort Rampura as a homestay. Atiya is a large room on the fort terrace. Manik Chowk offers a view of the main central courtyard of the fort – a courtyard that houses the family deity. The Daftar was originally used as an office/study but now is a large spacious room, ideal for families and opens out on to a small courtyard used for barbeques and sit-outs. Kamal burj is another room that overlooks the front of the fort.

  • FoodHome made Indian cuisine

    Food is cooked in the kitchen of the Fort and cuisine is Indian. Padmini also shares secret recipes of Rampura delicacies to guests!

  • HostsPadmini & Keshavendra SIngh

    The unassuming yet warm hosts Keshavendra Singh and his wife Padmini complement the earthy charm of Fort Rampura. Keshavendra is happy to help you plan your day’s adventures and walkabouts at and around Fort Rampura. He even escorts guests personally to enjoy the countryside and recount a tale or two over a leisurely evening.Padmini looks after home and hearth and is known to be enthusiastic in sharing little nuggets about traditional cooking recipes. If guests are so inclined, she’ll be glad to set up an impromptu cookery class for a Rampura delicacy.

  • Suggested Activity #1Folk Music

    The rustic folk singers of Bundelkhand are a talented lot. A walk to the villages around the fort to listen to the folk singers, who use traditional percussion instruments like Dholak and Jhika, is quite entertaining.

  • Suggested Activity #2Bundelkhand Forts

    Rampura is surrounded by several forts and palaces of Bundelkhand which are worth visiting to get an idea of the kind of clan warfare prevalent in olden times. Prominent forts recommended are Jagamanpur, Tihar, Gopalpura, Samthar, Sevanda, Ater and Bareh.

  • Suggested Activity #2Ride on Yamuna

    The river Yamuna looks resplendent at Bundelkhand and a boat ride is highly recommended. The sight of fishermen using traditional nets to catch fresh water fishes from the Yamuna is worth photographing.

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