Bo Ville – Shillong Homestay

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  • Type : Mountain Bunglow
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E-mail: Ph: (+91)9863062909

Bo-Ville is a homestay in Shillong and refreshingly different from the ubiquitous Shillong hotels. In Bo-Ville, you will experience the touch of a grand old house with its aesthetic wooden touch, lush gardens and modern amenities that shouldn’t leave you wanting. Tastefully refurbished to create class but also left to its age and cottage like feel to keep you cozy.

This Shillong homestay has 5 rooms with the price starting from Rs.2500 to Rs.2900 per night. Extra bed is available at a charge of Rs.700. This is inclusive of complimentary breakfast.

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  • Rooms 5 rooms

    This Shillong homestay has 3 tasteful and spacious double bedded rooms and 2 twin bedded rooms with clean attached bathrooms and verandas to boast of.

  • Food Indian, Continental and Local cuisine

    Breakfast (complimentary) could either be continental or Indian. The former comprises of cereal, juice, eggs of choice, baked beans, toast with butter and jam as well as sausages, ham, salami and bacon (at additional cost). The latter includes parathas (stuffed Indian bread) and a vegetable curry. Lunch and dinner, however, are infinitely more exciting because of the addition of local cuisine and can be arranged at an additional cost.

  • Hosts Enid and William Richmond

    Enid Richmond Basaiawmoit and her husband William Richmond (fondly known by everyone as “Bill”) are a local, well-travelled couple. Bill is in the local police force and Enid is an English teacher. They are a warm, funny and friendly lot, with many stories to recall and share. Their reason for opening Bo Ville Homestay, apart from the fact that their children have flown off from the nest and most of the huge house is empty, was to meet interesting people from all over the world and the country. Since they love travelling themselves, they feel this is the best way to learn about different cultures and traditions from the comfort of their own home.

  • Suggested Activity #1 Relax in the villa

    At Bo Ville, there is little else to do than relax, read a book, sit by the fire, tramp around the garden or play with the family pets (three dogs and two geese). The place is conducive to letting yourself not keep track of time. For something more physically strenuous, however, speak to the owners about some great walks in the area. You can, for example, hike all the way to Shillong Peak (a few km’s away) through a lovely non-urban track. If you go early enough, breakfast can be arranged at the view point.

  • Suggested Activity #2 Swimming at Crinolin falls

    If it’s an unusually hot Shillong day, head to Crinolin Falls where there is a public swimming pool. It’s a lovely place with a backdrop of a waterfall. If you’d just like to see beautiful waterfalls, visit the nearby Elephant Falls and Sweet Falls.

  • Suggested Activity #3 Visit Sohra

    Since Shillong is only an hour’s drive away from the second wettest place on earth, a holiday is not complete without a visit to Sohra (formerly known as Cherrapunjee). There’s a lot to see here – Nokalikai Falls (a gorgeous drop of water into a deep jade pool); Khoh Ramhah, a gigantic rock in the shape of a conical basket which according to local legend once belonged to an evil giant; Dain Thlen, a surreal area of bizarre rock formations and a lovely waterfall; Mawsmai caves, and the amazing Living Root Bridges made entirely from the roots of Indian Rubber trees. Give Sohra at least an entire day in your itinerary. Speak to the owners about hiring a local guide and taking a packed lunch.

  • Suggested Activity #3 Spiritual Tour

    For a rather spiritual experience, head to the Sacred Groves at Mawphlang (less than an hour’s drive from Shillong). These spectacular forests have remained virtually untouched for thousands of years owing to the belief that to remove anything from their grounds is to be cursed. You can walk a little way in and feel as though you have stepped back in time.

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