19 Jul 2015

Romantic Udaipur

places to see in udaipur

My husband and I were decidedly weary of our hectic schedules by the time we had a common weekend off to unwind. And as our free time coincided with our fourth wedding anniversary, I took to suggesting Udaipur for our trip for a more romantic getaway.

Udaipur is known to tourists via two main titles: “The City of Lakes” and “Venice of the East”. The names in itself gave us enough of a mental image of what to expect, and a few images from online was enough to seal the deal and get us excited about going to Udaipur. My husband and I are partial to watersports and boat rides. And with so many lakes and boat rides being offered, we realized we could easily indulge in our favorite pastime for once. Plus, the fact that Udaipur is compared favorably to the city of Venice in Italy – which is often praised as being one of the most romantic destinations of the world – got me instantly interested in visiting the place.

Lake Pichola and the Famous Lake Palace

 In the spirit of our main reason for this trip, which was to take a much needed break from our hectic schedules, we spent a good part of the day after reaching our homestay to relax.

In the evening, we made our way to Lake Pichola then we immediately signed up for the boat ride. The lake was large and the boat ride was very peaceful. And the view of the famous Lake Palace was majestic as it loomed near the shore, and the white palace shone like an earth-bound, tower-lined moon. We even took a second rides.

We spent the first one simply enjoying the ride, the relaxing sights, and the cool lake breeze that played with our hair and sneakily made it damp like a playful water sprite.

On our second ride though we watched the sights, we were more of talking like two talkative kids. We dwindled off though as the sun started setting over the water, drenching the water and the sky in fiery shades of reds and golds. It was a truly breathtaking sight, and one of the most romantic and perfectly timed sights that I had ever seen. When we got off the boat ride the second time and made our way back to our homestay, it took me a while to realize that we’d linked hands naturally – yet another thing that we didn’t seem to have had time for lately.

The next day we visited the Jag Mandir near the shore of the famous romantic lake, we were already in a relaxed mood.

The Jag Mandir was exquisite in its architecture. And the gardens artistically arranged around the area bloomed with various flowers and colors. The vibrant colors contrasted beautifully against the white structure and made it look even more magnificent.

We spent the rest of the day sampling the food and exploring the place, walking the flowered pathways, and once again watching the glorious sunset before our flight at midnight. It was wonderfully relaxing, and both of us can’t wait for another chance to go back again!



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