14 Jun 2015

Relaxing in Rourkela

Rourkela has many places to visit including the famous hanuman temple

A final year group project for college is what led our little group of five to Rourkela in Orissa. Our onus was on the temples generously located in the city. But there was no reason we couldn’t have a little fun as we researched!

Vaishno Devi Temple: An Impressive and Relatively Younger Temple

After dumping our luggage at our homestay, which was a comfy place, we made our very first “research” trip or rather sightseeing to the Vaishno Devi Temple. On our way there, we were also lucky enough to get random details from our guide and driver about the city – like how “Rourkela” actually meant “Our Village” in a local tribal dialect, and how Rourkela had hosted India’s first public sector steel company (established by German companies).

Once we reached the temple, it was a fairly short trek through. But seeing the architecture and carvings all along the structure – both on the outer sides and inner walls of the temple – made every moment worth it. Even better, the temple is actually situated upon a hill, so the subsequent view of the city down below is one doubtlessly worth beholding.

Gazing Up, Up, and Up at Lord Hanuman at the Hanuman Vatika

The Hanuman Vatika was our next stop and even before reaching, we knew that this statue of Lord Hanuman was amongst the largest statue in the country. The surrounding garden was a pleasing layout, and there were several other statues of other deities in the area as well. But of course, the Hanuman statue stood out because of its enormous size.

Indira Gandhi Park: Plenty of Fun

The next day, after a sumptuous breakfast at the homestay that comprised of ghugni and pooris, which was spicy and delicious. We visited the Indira Gandhi Park, a beautiful place and invitingly inexpensive. But other than seeing the animals here, what we really had fun with was the toy train which took us all around the park.

Exclusivity of Each Waterfall

We dedicated the last tail of our trip to the different waterfalls that one can witness at Rourkela. The most appealing element of these waterfalls is that each one has an exclusivity that makes it stand apart from the rest. We saw the Khandhadhar Waterfall after a short trek through the mountain. And the breathtaking sight had us in awe of its beauty. The Khandhadhar Waterfall is amongst the highest waterfalls in India. The countryside view along with the gush of water added a refreshing touch to our trip. The Barehipani Falls is another waterfall that we visited. The exclusivity of this waterfall is the different levels through which the water falls to create the fall. At the Joranda Falls, we saw the water falling at exactly 90 degrees. Amazing! The only thing is that we had to watch this waterfall from a distance.

Rourkela is a place of abundant history and interesting sights. So, if you are planning a trip here, be sure to you will have a great time exploring and also relaxing.


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