19 Jul 2015

Picturesque Kolad

Weekend getaway from Mumbai

Located 130km from Mumbai, Kolad is the adventure hub of Maharashtra. It lies on the Mumbai-Panvel-Goa route and is renowned for its White Water Rafting on the Kundalika River, all year round. It was my first road trip with my fiancé and we had great fun experiencing the adventure sports there.

Kolad’s wonderful valleys and marshlands give this place a magnificent look. This picturesque locale with enthralling sights is highly recommended for those who enjoy the charm of nature while indulging in the exhilarating adventure activities. This place also has some really beautiful waterfalls and Rocky Mountains. We visited Kolad during the monsoon season and trekking in that region has a unique charm at this time.

Kundalika is one of the fastest flowing rivers in Maharashtra and water from the nearby dams is the engine that drives river rafting, which is a famous adventure sport of this region. Since it was monsoon the river volume was at its peak and it is also the best time for this activity. River rafting was a fun filled two hours ride when we had immense fun and at the end, it left us breathless. The 12-kilometre stretch of exciting rapids makes this sport even more adventurous.

After the adrenaline rushing activity, we visited the Kuda Caves. It is a perfect example of Buddhist cave art and architectural excellence. It is basically a group of 13 rock cut caves built 200 feet above sea level. At the entrance of the caves, carved structures of elephants greeted us and inside the cave we saw stupas of Lord Buddha along with paintings, sculptures, and inscriptions inside the cave.

The Bhira Dam is a must visit place here as it is regarded as one of the biggest hydroelectric projects in India. It was constructed by Tata Power Company and this dam is also known as Tata Power House Dam. The lush greenery along with the spectacular surrounding makes this place the perfect place for picnics. We enjoyed a short picnic at this place along with many other families who were just relaxing and having fun.

The next place in our itinerary was the Tamhini Falls, which is one of the most popular falls of this region. The beautiful place with the picturesque valley around it makes this place perfect for a romantic getaway and we also got to spend some real quality time together against the backdrop of the falls and the stunning surroundings. We also saw various birds near this waterfall since it was the monsoon season.

Ghosala Fort located in the Roha Hills is a perfect combination of architectural excellence and cultural blend. This Fort is situated amidst the Revdanda and Salav Creeks. Inside the fort, we witnessed two very beautiful temples and a small Dargah. The views from the fort was amazing and we also learned that this fort was used for defense activities.

Our short trip to Kolad turned out to be truly amazing. We spend a great time together in the backdrop of the picturesque locale.



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