14 Jun 2015

Nagpur, city of oranges

Nagpur is a incredible destination for a vacation

My husband and I, in addition to loving travel, are avid nature lovers and photographers. So whenever we travel to some place, two cameras and a printed list of all the nature parks and sanctuaries that are in the area and we planned to visit are a part of our luggage. Hence, even if we don’t spend the entire visit invading such nature reserves and clicking away with gusto, it is practically a given that we will definitely spend at least the first or second trip in a park or nature reserve.

This time it was Nagpur that had caught our fancy and thus we were on our way to visit the Orange City. We had our stay booked at a homestay and we were happy that it was not only cozy but had friendly hosts.

Nagziri Wildlife Sanctuary: Where Animals Rule in Their Natural Habitat

 In accordance with our usual plan, our very first stop in Nagpur was its famous Nagziri Wildlife Sanctuary. We got there as early as possible and took a gypsy safari ride around the sanctuary. And we were absolutely spellbound at the sheer beauty of the place! The lush green jungle and animals roaming in their natural habitat is a sight to behold. And we (as well as our cameras) drank in the sights like we could never get enough of it. Bison, cheetahs, peacocks – the sights were amazing!

However, the best part of the trip was when we stopped close in view of a few of the water bodies in the park and waited – waited for the star of the jungle: the elusive tiger. For it was ten times rarer than any other sight in the sanctuary to actually get sight of a tiger. But we did!

In fact, we saw two! Two majestic, powerful, striped cats languishing near the waterfall! It was absolutely the most wonderful and inspiring thing we saw the whole day. And it suddenly became clear why seeing them was such a sought-after activity for any visitor.

Both of us were incredibly reluctant to leave the reserve at the end of the day. But our memory cards were full, so that at least gave us reason to get back to our homestay.

Exploring the Sights

 We spent the rest of our trip taking in the other well-known sights in Nagpur.

We visited the Deeksha Bhoomi, which is an impressive Buddhist temple that I would advise all those who visit Nagpur to see at least once. It is an absolutely beautiful place and the serenity of the temple is incredibly contagious. The Ram Dham Park was our next visit, where we had a grand time watching the many cultural shows that they put up here.

Visiting the Nagpur Ramtek Temple and the Jain Temple in the same vicinity was what comprised the tail end of our trip. The architectural finesse of the temples was astounding and the climate supported the picturesque view the structures made. It was a beautiful and relaxing sight.

Nagpur is truly a city of beauty, and it offers engaging sights that will remain in your mind long after you’ve left.



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