29 Mar 2015

Magical Munnar

Munnar homestay Kerala

Situated in the Idukki district of Kerala, Munnar is blessed with ample natural beauty. Very different from the quiet plains of the state, Munnar is about gushing waterfalls, vibrant tea plantations and awe-inspiring mountain forests. It is one of those places that ignite the wanderer spirit inside you and that too in a very subtle way.You are gently taken by your hands and let free to discover the gems that lie around everywhere, on the hilly slopes, waterfalls, tea gardens, forests and lake. I felt this as soon as I landed here. Determined to make the most of this hearty hill station, I chose a home stay instead of hotel accommodation. I had already heard about the gains of such a stay from my friend and I am glad I went for it.

My lovely hosts provided me with the most luxurious stay and I have to say they made me feel royal. Their centuries old accommodation had a mystic earthy charm that looked all the more magnetic with the lush green vegetation around. I went alone to some of the popular destinations like the Eravikulam National Park, Kundala and Echo Point. A wildlife lover, I wanted to capture the different species and the natural beauty, all by myself. At the Echo Point too, I wanted to hear my multiple crazy voices coming back to me, with no one to look around. The clean air, artificial dam and cherry blossoms of Kundala were also something that deserved solo sightseeing.

However, when I wanted to stroll around the tea gardens, I asked my host to come along and he obliged. We walked around leisurely for hours, taking rest in between and what an informative stroll it was. He told me everything about tea cultivation, the workers and the history of the gardens. With the sun descending upon us and afternoon approaching, my stomach started asking for its dose. The caring host noticed it much before I had uttered anything and we were home.

The delicious lunch of rice noodles, egg curry, Puttu with Kadala curry, sambar and pickle was served. I lapped up every bit and such was its sleep-inducing effect that I woke up only around sunset. The aftertaste and aroma were still alive in my mouth and I thanked the hosts profusely for the same.

Now it was time for those adventurous treks on the hills and so, I was ready with my backpack and my guide-host in tow. I thought I have had my share of photographs but many gems were still waiting to be captured like the Nilgiri Tahr, grizzled giant squirrel, wood pigeon, the versatile flora, and a lot more. Next day, it was time to say goodbye which I did with a somewhat heavy heart. This homely heaven had worked its magic upon me and I longed to be here. Well, I will surely be back to explore the magical gems of magical Munnar once again.

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