16 Mar 2015

Magical Manali

Manali trip

Being with a start-up company has its own pros and cons. Cons being the hectic schedule, working weekends, at times thought and along with this also comes household chores and not to forget my lack of sleep. But at times, the pros out-weights the cons, especially, when you can convince your boss for an office tour. I and my colleagues had zeroed on Manali to escape from the scorching summers of Delhi and we managed to convince our boss for the same. The thought of getting a break from the monotony was extremely delightful. Blessed with postcard pretty landscapes, Manali is a hill station nestled in the state of Himachal Pradesh and we were more than eager for the weekend.

The 4 hour train ride from Delhi was very fun-filled since my colleagues of 7 months were more like friends. After having a quick breakfast at the homestay, we decided to go for the Hidimba Devi Temple. This ancient temple encloses an enormous rock and a 3-inch brass idol of Goddess Hidimba. The next place on our itinerary was Bhrigu Lake, a picturesque mountain lake. We reached this amazing place by trekking from the Vashisht Temple. Vashisht is actually a small village, across the Beas River and has natural sulphur springs.

After grabbing lunch, we set out for Galiani Thatch. This was the best part of my office tour because it was camping night. We set our tents in the dense forest and set to cook. The food was amazing and then there was this silly game of Pass the Ball. And with the group of 40 people, it turned out to be hilarious. I laughed till my stomach ached. It was nothing short of a picnic.

Being an early riser unlike most of my colleagues, I got the opportunity to watch the blissful sunrise, which was a truly enriching experience. Later in the morning, we set out for the famous Rohtang Pass. My eyes were treated to the sight of huge glaciers and huge ravines, something which I didn’t witness before in any hill station. One of my colleagues also pointed me the Sonepani Glacier, slightly left to which are the twin peaks of Geypang, jagged pyramids of rocks, painted with snow. Such amazing beauty of nature simply took our breath away. Our next stop was Solang Valley. Apart from the incredible scenery, it was the adventure sports that we enjoyed thoroughly. The huge lawn slopes facilitated various summer and winter sports.

I am all about living life to the fullest and hence decided to go for parachuting. Initially, I was scared but then I was exhilarated. The view from up there in the air is an amazing sight to behold. After everyone had their fill of adrenaline rush, we hiked till Rahla Falls where the Beas river hurtles down from a height of about 50m.

Manali was not only my first office tour but a treat to my independent self. You can’t help falling in love with the lush green forests and the snow-capped mountains. The photographs and few wilted wildflowers will always remind me of the exhilaration that we had at Manali.

Choose a homestay the next time you are in Manali for a rich experience of the place.



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