29 Jan 2015

Captivating Kodaikanal

Kodaikanal homestay

Did it ever think about taking a spiritual trek to somewhere far, deep inside the forest? Were you ever chased by a deep urge to run away from the chaos of your so called comfortable city life? Have you ever thought of letting your mind and soul breathe in the serenity of the hills? If yes, then you have got to pack your bags and come straight to Kodaikanal. The name belongs to a famous hill station in Tamil Nadu, rightly meaning “The Gift of the Forest” in the local language.

Say hello to the hills, lakes and the lush green forests of enchanting Kodaikanal. This place is home to many star attractions and you might feel confused how to go about them. But the best way is to lap them up slowly, staying at a cozy place and you will find that you have captured everything. For my visit, I choose a home stay to get a real feel of the culture and the traditions that I would surely not enjoy as a simple tourist

Kodaikanal took me on a spiritual trek. My first visit was to the mystical Kodaikanal Lake where I sat for hours, absorbing the greenery and the serenity around. Later, I walked around the periphery, meditating about the mysteries of life. My next stop were the Bryant Park and the Bear Shola Falls, which regaled me thoroughly. I clicked the beautiful sights and lounged around, soaking in the golden peace that is a rare commodity in the cities. The sound of the falling water felt like heavenly music and I felt like dancing.

Came back to my home stay for rest and had the best sleep of my life. When I opened eyes, it was to the chirping of birds and a majestic view of the mountains. My host served me a delicious breakfast with fine servings of local flavors that was finger-licking to say the least. I asked her to accompany me on a walk outside for I needed to feel the soil and streets of this paradise. She was more than willing and the experienced woman that she is, she told me numerous interesting tales about this hill station.

An adventure lover, next day, I went trekking to the Dolphin’s Nose, a rock that projects over a 2,000 deep chasm. It felt super scary but then it also gave me a close look of the Western Ghats which literally made my jaws drop. I felt fear and ecstasy simultaneously. Next in line were Pambar and Liri Falls- not much frequented and hence, abounding in pristine glory. With the day over, I was again back to my sweet hostess who served me a great dinner and soothed my curiosity with ample informative pieces.

When the farewell time came, I thanked her from the bottom of my heart for my deepest desires had been fulfilled to the core. We smiled at each other lovingly and parted, with a promise that I will come back next soon to bask in the captivating glory of the mountains.

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