19 Jul 2015

Kuttikkanam, Idukki getaway

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It was my 22nd birthday & neither my family nor my friends had wished me yet. Well, the thought that I was no longer important to anyone was making my day even worse. It was just about 10 in the morning when I heard a loud bang on my door. I was literally mortified and was praying to the Almighty that this should not be my last birthday. After gathering up some courage, when I opened the door, a little boy was standing outside and as soon as I opened the door, he gave me a white card on which was written “come down to the main gate of your parking.” The events were so sudden that I hardly had any time to think and as instructed I came running down to the main gate and to my utter surprise all my family members and friends were waiting in two cars for me and yes, the road trip was my birthday surprise.

It was a hill station in the Idukki district, Kerala. Situated 3000 feet above sea level, it was covered with tea plantations, pine forests, cardamom plantations, streams and hills all around. You can see many rare varieties of wild flowers growing in and around that region. I was completely blown away by the alluring charm of the hill station.

Valanjanganam waterfalls or Ninnumullippara falls from over a height of 75 feet is a main attraction of Kuttikkanam. It is usually covered in mist throughout the year. This place is as beautiful as a dream. Your visit to Kuttikkanam will remain incomplete if you don’t see this place.

The viewpoint at Panchalimedu offers a soul-captivating view that will leave you mesmerized. This place has a mythical significance too, as legend says Panchalimedu had served as a hiding spot for the Pandavas and their wife Panchali from the great epic Mahabharata. A pond named after Panchali can also be found there called the Panchalikkulam. The Makarajyoti or the divine flame lit during the pilgrimage season in Sabarimala can be seen from this pond.

We called it for the day and reached the homestay where we would be spending the night. My birthday ended with a sumptuous South Indian dinner which was delicious.

The next day, we visited Grampi, situated near Peerumedu. It is also known as Parunthupara or eagle rock because of the picturesque view from its high peaks. It is a rock sculpture about 3800 feet above sea level. The road to Grampi is flanked by unending stretches of coffee, tea and cardamom plantations. The view from above there is breathtaking. The beauty of this place is mainly due to the lush greenery, rocky plains, forests and trekking trails.

Peeru Hills, located 1 Km from Kuttikkanam, is a favourite amongst the trekkers. This hill site is an ideal place for picnics too. The views are spectacular and the ambience is soothing as well as relaxing. This hill is named after Peer Mohammed, the Sufi saint, who had spent his last days there.

Kuttikkanam trip was the best birthday gift till date. This place is a nature’s boon. It rejuvenates your mind and soul fully.



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