11 Jun 2015

Jubilant in Jabalpur

Jabalpur Jalebi

Traveling is a great adventure that brings you face to face with many wonders of the world. The natural and historical wonders, about which you have read only in books, are presented in real time for observation. One such fantastic observation came my way when I went to Jabalpur, a beautiful city in the green and vibrant Madhya Pradesh. Bestowed with numerous sightseeing destinations that comprise historical monuments, ancient temples, forests and waterfalls; it gives you a variety of delights to feast your eyes and mind. My Jabalpur journey was a complete roller coaster with so many delicacies thrown in that it all seemed incredible and the comfot element was added by my homestay with the friendliest hosts. From wildlife adventures to monument trips, every experience was exclusive.


A completely enchanting sight, the magnesium-limestone cliffs on the Narmada River look magical under the moon light. Possessing the ability to change colors, they are truly one-of-a-kind. Passing through the 2 km gorge on the motorboat, starting from Panchvati Ghat, feels like a walk through fairyland. The gurgling waters and the glowing rocks produce a heavenly symphony, leaving you awestruck during the whole ride.

Dhuandhar Waterfalls

Near to Bhedaghat, this waterfall derives its name from its appearance that resembles like smoke. A scenic marvel, it mesmerizes you beyond description and you can stand for hours admiring the charming spectacle. To heighten the charm, there is also the facility of cable-car ride that lets you move to the other side of the gorge.

Hanumantal Bada Jain Mandir

A delight for religious souls, this temple is situated on the banks of Hanumantal and looks magnificent in its fort like structure with multiple shikhars. Built in the 17th century, it is the largest independent Jain Temple of India. Moving around the temple gives you great joy, as the tranquil lake and the awesome structure look very intriguing together.

Durgavati Fort

The brave queen of Jabalpur- Durgavati, who put up a strong fight against Mughal emperor Akbar, is revered as a martyr. The Gond ruler had built many temples and tanks for the people and the fort is associated with her. Shrouded in mystery and majestic myths, the palace is said to possess gold bricks and other treasures of the Gond rulers. Anyone can get easily besotted with the understated charm of the old fort.

Dumna Nature Reserve Park

Here is a lovely park replete with wildlife gems and recreation facilities like boating, fishing, toy train, etc. You can easily sight chitals, jackals, wild boars and numerous other species of birds and animals. Near to the park is Khandari Dam, built in 1883 and carrying a huge capacity for water storage. Calm and cool, the dam is a stupendous sight to behold.

Relishing the “Khoye ki Jalebi”

A unique delicacy of the city, the mouth-watering jalebi feels like nectar. It is so tempting and tasty that you just cannot limit your intake to a normal quantity. Even a disciplined diabetic like me ended up eating more than one.

A completely pleasing place, Jabalpur feels like home away from home where you can hang out with history and nature, without any interruption.


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