19 Jul 2015

Delhi Diary

places to see in Delhi

On the eve of Valentine’s day, I had just mentioned to my fiancé over the phone, that I had always wanted to see New Delhi but could never really make it and the next weekend, he was standing at my doorway with tickets in his hand. We had our flight to New Delhi in four hours and we were off to live my dream.

We had our stay planned at a homestay. And when we reached, it was a very comfortable one with extremely friendly hosts.

New Delhi and old Delhi are the two sides of the same coin. New Delhi is a perfect example of modernity and progress. While old Delhi is a reflection of the ancient culture of the city.

We started our sight- seeing with the famous Jantar Mantar. Located at the heart of the city, it was built by the Maharaja of Jaipur, to trace the astronomical phenomenon. The most imposing structure here is the yellow Sun dial, which is a huge instrument used to calculate the time of day accurately. Jantar Mantar has evident marks to signify the thirst for scientific knowledge in Indians from an early age. After visiting this place, I feel that your visit to Delhi will remain incomplete without a look at this spectacular observatory.

Lotus Temple was our next spot. It is an elegant and beautiful temple whose outer leafy structure was a huge lotus flower. This temple stands as a praying house of the Bahamians’. The architectural design is commendable and its beauty will fascinate you. It has a very peaceful appeal that will soothe your senses.

The next place in our itinerary was the famous India Gate. This place is said to be the tomb of the soldiers who had sacrificed their lives for the Country. It is a quiet place which ignites a feeling of patriotism in you as you take a stroll around this monument bearing names of all the martyrs. This place is India’s pride as it symbolizes victory.

The last destination that we visited was the Jama Masjid, the largest mosque of India and the last architectural work of the Mughal Dynasty. It is constructed on a beautiful red-sandstone porch and is covered with intricate carvings and with verses from the holy Koran. The main prayer hall is made up of magnificent marble domes and the four elegant towers are made up of red-sandstone and white marble.

Being the foodie couple, as our friends called us, we had to try the street food and we had a great time exploring the local cuisine. The aloo chat and gol gappa were amazing. The mutton kebabs were so delicious that it was just melting in your mouth. And after the spicy food, it was definitely time to go for the jalebi and kulfi faluda to soothe thevtaste buds.

This trip was really memorable as it was the last trip before our marriage and my fiancé sealed it by proposing marriage for the second time!


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