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Tripura trip travelogue

11 Jun 2015

Tripura – Hidden wonders

Taking a trip from our hometown to Tripura during the height of summer at the end of March would not be what many people call “sound” travelling plans. But my friends and I had our reasons – the main one being that it was the only time we could all get a free block of […]

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Orchha is a hidden jewel in MP and worth traveling to

11 Jun 2015

Offbeat Orchha

A die-hard traveler, I have covered almost two-third of the country with states as far as Manipur and Maharashtra, under my checklist. But somehow, I could never plan a trip to the “heart of India” i.e. Madhya Pradesh. Maybe because I am crazy about hills and beaches. Another reason is that I was not much […]

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21 May 2015

Exhilarating Ranthambore

A good camera, light luggage, an exploring mind and a daring soul: That’s all you need to enjoy a place like Ranthambore to its fullest. It’s one of the largest national parks in India and is located in Rajasthan. This is a must visit place if you want to see the wildlife animals in their […]

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Bundelkhand travel

02 May 2015

Tranquil Bundelkhand

My husband and I, we had an arranged marriage. Since both of us work in private firms, we hardly get to spend time each other, forget about going out for a romantic date. So, I was pretty surprised when he told me that we are going on a short weekend trip to Bundelkhand. Since it […]

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