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places to see in udaipur

19 Jul 2015

Romantic Udaipur

My husband and I were decidedly weary of our hectic schedules by the time we had a common weekend off to unwind. And as our free time coincided with our fourth wedding anniversary, I took to suggesting Udaipur for our trip for a more romantic getaway. Udaipur is known to tourists via two main titles: […]

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Jaisalmer, with its magnificent fort is among places to see i Rajasthan

08 Jun 2015

Jaisalmer, oasis in Rajasthan

What an exotic place to be just at the start of a fresh year. As rightly called the Golden City, Jaisalmer with its enchanting views and delicacies have amazed me inextricably. It was an unplanned vacation…just a break from regular hustle bustles of life. One of my friends suggested that February is an ideal time […]

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Jaipur travel

01 May 2015

Jaipur, a riot of colors

At times, seemingly insignificant things of our lives lead to monumental events. Who could have ever thought that an impromptu viewing of Bollywood oldie “Guide” would send me on a trip to Jaipur. When I was watching this Dev Anand and Waheeda Rehman classic, I was fascinated by the beauty of Rajasthan where this movie […]

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Jodhpur homestay Rajasthan

06 Apr 2015

Jodhpur, a colorful escape

If you are suffering from wanderlust, Jodhpur is a must visit. This beautiful city dotted with its blue houses is a treasure trove. Even though it is called the ‘Gateway to Thar’ and sometimes ‘Sun City’, there is a lot more to Jodhpur than sand and the sun. This city is historically rich with its […]

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