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Paradeep is a lovely beach to see in Orissa

12 Jun 2015

Amazing Paradeep

India is a vast country and if you are a traveler, overlooking the famous tourist’s spots of India and taking note of the smaller and less familiar ones will actually let you soak in the beauty of India that is unexplored. I realized this after my short trip to Paradeep. I was in Bhubaneswar attending […]

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vengurla is a beach with no crowds

11 Jun 2015

Vengurla for Beach lovers

Vengurla, I firmly believe, was put on earth with the main purpose of being a beach-lover’s paradise! It is mainly a port town, with its safe and natural port being one of the main reasons for the area’s commercial success. And this shoreline has obviously played a key role in making it a fantastic place […]

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Varkala Beach is one of the best beaches in Kerala

08 Jun 2015

Healing waters of Varkala Beach

We friends had decided long time back that once our stressing exams were over, we would go for a trip together to take a break and rewind ourselves. And when the time came, we were bubbling with enthusiasm and anticipation since we did not know what lay ahead of us. Being the list-loving girl, I […]

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Kovalam Beach is a must see among places to see in Kerala

08 Jun 2015

Paradise called Kovalam beach

On the ride from the train station to our homestay, the girls and I were sure we would only have enough energy to crawl into our room and doze off. However, the moment we were near enough to get our first glimpse of the beach and the sea, our weariness flew out of the open […]

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Gavi is a lesser known but remarkable among places to see in Kerala

01 Jun 2015

Gavi- Places to see in Kerala

It all started through a conversation with a fellow passenger on a train journey. I had not even heard the name before and it was quite quirky to say the least. “Gayi”; yes this is exactly what my ears heard when the Punjabi guy sitting next to me uttered it. Smilingly, he corrected me and […]

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Goa homestay

16 May 2015

Sun kissed Goa!

Goa!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh Yes! There’s not much explanation needed as you all know that Goa has been an antidote for many yearners seeking that one quick and instant rejuvenation from their mundane and frenzied lifestyle. Throughout the year, Goa is swarming with tourists and as a matter of fact, Goa thrives on tourism. Although there are […]

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13 May 2015

Blissful Bekal

Bekal is a beautiful place located in the shoreline of Pallikkara Village in Kasaragod district. They say you must take a solo trip before you get married and this was my bachelorette escape. Located 16 km south of Kasaragod, this serene place lies at the southwestern tip of India. If you need a break from […]

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Sindhudurg travel

20 Apr 2015

Serene Sindhudurg

The fast paced city life was taking a toll on my spirit and I was dying to take a break away from all the hustle and bustle. While looking out for a peaceful place, I came across Sindhudurg, a small district in Maharashtra. Named after the Sindhudoorg Fort, it is the only fort which has […]

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Goa homestay

29 Mar 2015

Mystical Goa

Goa is truly a treasure trove and not just because of its famed beaches. Goa beaches are, no doubt, the major attraction but there is much more to Goa than the surf, sand and sea. The brochures pointed at the major hot spots i.e. the Bom Jesus Basilica, churches and convents of Old Goa, Tiracol, […]

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