Mayal Lyang – Sikkim Homestay

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  • Type : Mountain Bunglow
  • Sikkim / gangtok hotels
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E-mail: Ph: +91-9434446088

Nestled amongst the trees of Dzongu which is 70kms from Gangtok and well connected by road is Mayal Lyang, a beautiful Sikkim homestay. Mayal Lyang means the ‘Hidden Land’ or ‘Land blessed by God’ in the Lepcha language. A small walk around the place will explain why the hosts chose to call it so.

Untouched by the tourist hustle bustle, this place has hidden treasures behind every other tree. Life here moves at its own pace. You tend to forget what it was back at your place.

This Sikkim homestay has 3 rooms with the price starting from Rs.2000 onwards per night.

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  • Rooms 3 rooms

    This Sikkim homestay has 3 clean bedrooms that reflects the warmth and hospitality of the Lepcha people. They have clean bathrooms and verandas to boast off.

  • Food Local cuisine

    Delicious home-made food is fondly cooked by the hostess. She is an expert in local dine and wine, and ensures that the food served is fresh, organic, varied and as per guest requests.

  • Hosts Mr.Gyatso Lepcha

    Mr. Gyatso and his wife Samsay have started this eco-tourism venture with a few Lepcha youth from Dzongu. They opened their home so that others can experience the warmth and hospitality of the Lepcha people. They believe that to know a place, you have to know its people. Hence, they make sure that their guests understand their culture, traditions, the surroundings they live in, and everything else that is so dear to them. They are fluent in Lepcha, Hindi, Nepali and English and will help you to explore the place to enjoy the beauty nature has been kind enough to gift them with.

  • Suggested Activity #1 Trekking

    The Himalayas here provide for treks with varying difficulty levels. You will pass through stunning sceneries and beautiful farm lands on every trek. Longer backpacking trips will involve trekking through dense jungle groves and across pristine glacial streams. For starters, you can ascend from the Passingdang village to Lingthem, which is a short but steep hike of about 2 hours. A small hike of 45 minutes or so will take you up to the Kusong Village, starting at the Tingvong village. A day’s trek will take you to Tholung, which is about 20 kilometers from Lingza falls, not too far from Passingdang.

  • Suggested Activity #2 Cross Cane Bridges

    Traditional Lepcha bridges are made from long sections bamboo. When a place is chosen, a skilled archer will attach a thin thread made of bamboo to an arrow and shoot it to the other side of the bridge. Along this, two parallel canes are then pulled over the river and attached on both sides. Loops are hung in between them and bamboo canes are laid down for the flooring. Today, parts of the bamboo construction are usually replaced with thick metal cords to make the bridges more durable and easier to maintain. Such bridges can be seen at quite a few places in Dzongu. Crossing it can be fun, although it is not for the faint hearted. These bridges usually span the breadth of the river and sway even with the effects of the wind. It sways from side to side with every step you place on it and if you look down, you see the extremely fast flowing river. Definitely recommended for those who love a bit of adventure in everything they do!

  • Suggested Activity #3 Fishing

    Fishing in Dzongu is great fun! Sit by the fast flowing Rogyung Chu or the Teesta, enjoy the warm sun light and hope to hook some big fish. The streams flowing here originate from the glaciers or high altitude lakes and pass through very sparse population. Hence, the rivers here have crystal clear water and are a haven for fish. The host will provide you with the necessary equipment for fishing. You can hope to catch fishes known locally as ‘Ynoo Ayang’, ‘Sumblyung’ and ‘Ynoo Gee’ which you can later get cooked in Lepcha style.

  • span>Suggested Activity #4 Watch Cultural Show

    Lepchas have a rich cultural heritage, and are very proud of it. For centuries, their way of life and traditions have been passed down from one generation to another. Music and dance are an important part of their culture. You can experience a glimpse of this. A Cultural Show of local folk songs and dances can be arranged on your request. The Lepcha youth take pride in giving you this insight into their culture and will participate with enthusiasm and vigour to make their show a success.

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