20 Apr 2015

Serene Sindhudurg

Sindhudurg travel

The fast paced city life was taking a toll on my spirit and I was dying to take a break away from all the hustle and bustle. While looking out for a peaceful place, I came across Sindhudurg, a small district in Maharashtra. Named after the Sindhudoorg Fort, it is the only fort which has Shivaji’s temple inside and also a palm imprint of Shivaji Maharaj.

I really wanted to have some quite time and thus decided to opt for a home stay instead of a hotel. My homestay was located in the beautiful Parule Village in the Konkan area, near Sawantwadi. My refuge was a beautiful cottage made out of natural materials. Never in my life had I imagined that a city dweller like me would live in a place like this and would enjoy it. My elegant cottage was cocooned in a dense coconut, banana, beetle nut tree plantation and the greenery all around me never failed to lull me into a beautiful peace. The sight of the lush greenery has a rejuvenating effect on my soul.

I decided to go take a walk around the village and I experienced the grand heritage of the old style Konkani houses and was delighted to see mud houses for real. I participated in some farming activities like watering trees, and I felt as if I have been transported to my wonderland. I really enjoyed them. When I was tired from all the activities and my stomach growled, my hosts served me the regional food from earthen pots and I ate on banana leaves called Patravali. The whole experience allowed me to connect with nature and it really had a soothing effect on my mind and spirit. My host told me that the vegetables were grown on the village and the food was cooked on Chool which gave the food a distinc flavour.

I lazed around with a book on the easy chair in the balcony and then decided to visit the natural water stream in the farm. I love bird watching and was really happy to capture some stunning images of birds. To say that I experienced a divine tranquility would be an understatement. I also visited the Adinarayan Temple, an ancient Sun Temple and was in awe with its beautiful architecture and the intricate details. On my way back to my cottage, I saw some village folk performing the ‘Gav-Rathi’ ritual.

The next day, I was accompanied by my hosts to visit the Lotus Lake and Mauli Temple Village Pat. I had great fun indulging in boating and fishing in the Khavan Beach. After returning to my cottage, I was filled to the brim by the delicious sumptuous lunch served by my host. And since it was time for me to return to my regular life, I thanked my host with a heavy heart.

As I walked out of the farm, I promised myself to come back again to feel the beauty of nature and to experience a life that is connected to nature and its simplicity.

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