16 Apr 2015

Kashmir, paradise on earth

Kashmir visit

Going to Kashmir is like taking a trip to heaven while being on earth. The Mughal Emperor Babur was bang on target when he said “If there is ever a paradise, it is here and only here”. I had developed a fancy for the paradise ever since I saw Rekha and Amitabh romancing in the charming tulips lined garden. Every time I come across the song, whether on TV or radio, I feel a strong urge to visit my heavenly fancy and when time came I was ecstatic as my husband had chosen it for our honeymoon destination. It was a surprise and how much I like it! When we were dating, I had casually mentioned about my fancy but I had not imagined that it would become a reality so soon.

And to make my fancy more fascinating, my doting darling had booked a home stay, right in the heart of Srinagar. The cottage was a complete charmer and full credits to our hosts for making our honeymoon so precious. The first rate hospitality was made richer with these sightseeing gems and exclusive experiences.

 Dal Lake

An oasis of tranquility and beauty lies in store for you at this enchanting lake. Only a few minutes’ drive away, it had such soothing ambience that you could feel peace sitting near you. The numerous shikaras floating on the lake beckoned us gently and we obliged a sweet boatman who rode us from one bank to another, giving us plenty of time to whisper sweet nothings into each other’s ears.

 Tulip Garden

This one is beyond words! My cherished fancy stood in front of me, more colorful and charming than what I had imagined and seen on screen. I could visualize the charismatic Rekha with the handsome Amitabh, as I walked along the flower beds with my better half. The scent and spectacle mingle together to treat you to a rapture that can make die-hard romantics go crazy with elation.

 Shankaracharya Hill

This is a shrine dedicated to saint Shankaracharya who attained salvation at this spot. Located on a hill and surrounded with lush greenery, it houses a temple of Lord Shiva, made up of gray stone. As good a pilgrimage site as a nature enthusiast’s delight, you can get panoramic views of the city and the Dal Lake, from here.


A popular destination for adventure lovers, you can indulge in numerous activities like river rafting, golfing and fishing. But I was here to see the Betaab Valley where the blockbuster movie was shot. The lilting valley is like a fountain of joy with the snow-capped mountains standing around and the fresh flowing Lidder River, singing a lullaby. Our best photos came out here as both of us love nature and the picturesque setting had ignited the Bollywood couple inside us, making us pose in picture-perfect ways.

 The walks with kahwah

The home stay was a dream abode and whenever we got time, we lounged outside in the lawn. Dotted with fruit trees and flowers, it provided an excellent route to unwind. With the Kashmiri beverage Kahwah (a tea made of saffron and spices) for company, our rendezvous simply rocked.

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